Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Reflections of a fucked up year

No apologies, I keep wanting to apologize for my abrupt stark outlook at the past year but why should I? I just hope 2010 holds so much more for me than 2009 possibly could.

I want to create a collage of snippets of the year.
SuperBowl 43 with Jill Wilson - extraordinary woman who died way too soon life. She touched me deeply during the short time I spent with her. Oh yea and getting to be IN the SuperBowl and see the Boss during Dress  rehearsals and the actual SuperBowl with how many umpteen millions of people watching was just a surreal account of a dream. SO MUCH FUN and over way too soon. Also met great others like Jill Deisler, Tim Nickens, Kelly and Tom French at SPT. Many others.
Practicing Power Yoga with Kelly enriched my life and body and soul.
Concerts and music events from NINJA, Heatwave with WMNF, The Killers, Blue October, Plain White T's, Geri X's CD release party, HGWT, The Beauvilles, Say Anything, Pete Yorn, All American Rejects, Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy seem to round out all I can remember right now.  Not all I planned on seeing. Many I won tickets to so it was for free and spur of the moment to go.

SunScreen Film Fest here in St. Pete met lots of great folks and went with a few great ones: Jon, James, Brad, Brent, you know who the rest of you are. Met Patrick Wilson and John Jackson. Had a ball and appreciated indie films for what they are a bit more. Liked short films a whole lot more than ever and got to meet and greet those who created, directed and or produced them all.

The lows will be another post altogether. Safe for now.